Moral Dilemma – Train: Killing 1 or 5?

147 people were asked, 90% decided to kill one instead of 5 people.

Larry Nucci

…is Director of the Office for Studies in Moral Development and Education and Professor of Education and Psychology, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has written extensively in the field of moral and social development and education.

Nucci’s books include Education in the Moral Domain (Cambridge University Press, 2001); Culture Thought and Development (with Geoffrey Saxe and Elliot Turiel) (Lawrence Erlbaum, 2000); and Moral Development and Character Education: A Dialogue (McCutchan, 1989).

Nucci was a pioneer in development and articulation of the domain theory of social cognitive development. His work with a variety of cultures has shown that children throughout the world share a set of common moral concerns for fairness and human welfare, and that these moral concerns differ from children’s concepts of conventions and religious norms specific to their particular social and cultural setting.

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