Habit RPG – Gamification of Daily Life Activities

Here is Habit RPG and here is a video explaining more about the project..

Criticism will follow in another post! 😉

Core Essentials

Core Essentials is a values education program, designed for grades K-5, that provides affordable, simple, and downloadable tools allowing schools to quickly incorporate values education into their curriculum.


The program provides a “value of the month” curriculum that encourages individual classrooms, the entire school, and every family to emphasize the same aspects of each value. We believe it takes an INWARD attitude to influence OUTWARD behavior. That’s what we mean by values. A value is an inward belief or attitude that affects someone’s outward behavior. The values that Core Essentials emphasizes are common attitudes that every parent and teacher wants children to learn and demonstrate.


Core EssentialsŽ is a non-profit organization and was begun in 1998 by concerned parents and teachers who wanted to help kids by providing quality character building resources to schools. Meet our team today!


The Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories, W.Bennet


Responsibility. Courage. Compassion. Honesty. Friendship. Persistence. Faith. Everyone recognizes these traits as essentials of good character. In order for our children to develop such traits, we have to offer them examples of good and bad, right and wrong. And the best places to find them are in great works of literature and exemplary stories from history. From the Bible to American history, from Greek mythology to English poetry, from fairy tales to modern fiction, these stories are a rich mine of moral literacy, a reliable moral reference point that will help anchor our children and ourselves in our culture, our history, and our traditions — the sources of the ideals by which we wish to live our lives. 😛