Kinect Makes Learning Playful with Help from Sesame Street and National Geographic

Microsoft is collaborating with Sesame Street and National Geographic, two partners that have delivered quality children’s TV programing for decades. From counting with Grover to exploring the natural world with National Geographic, the collaboration introduces true interactivity to children’s TV programming for the first time, McCarthy said.

“Kinect Nat Geo TV” will bring NatGeo WILD to life starting this spring. In New York Microsoft previewed an episode of ”Kinect NatGeo TV” where Kinect will scan the viewer’s living room and transforms it into an animal habitat, complete with grass growing on the couch. Children will then be invited to forage for food as a bear, which they just learned about through the show. They’ll see an image of themselves onscreen with claws and a bear head and will roam around the living room – er, the rugged outdoors – trying to eat as many moths as they can.

The goal behind the “Kinect Nat Geo TV” experience is to transport kids and their families around the world to expand their knowledge of geography and the environment while inspiring a sense of wonder and excitement, said Brad Dancer, senior vice president of digital media and research at the National Geographic Channel.

“Because our programming is so information-rich we can only show so much, but ‘Kinect Nat Geo TV’ offers the ability to go further than what the television show can do,” he said. “It lets us go further into animal behavior and what it means, and give people the choice to learn more. It uses the best parts of interactivity and television content production to offer something new.”