11th Games For Change Awards

The 11th Annual Games For Change festival took place in New York City!

This year’s big award winner was Lucas Pope’s “Papers Please,” a game that also ranked first in Forbes’ Top 5 Indie Games of 2013.

Immigration is definitely a hot issue. Another game featured at the festival was “The Migrant Trail”,  free to play here. It presents a first-person journey through Arizona’s desert borderlands. Play as an undocumented immigrant attempting to cross the Arizona desert and/or a border patrol agent attempting to secure the border. “

Another award winner was “Mission US: Cheyenne Odyssey,” developed by THIRTEEN, American Social History Project, and Electric Funstuff. It won the award for the “Most Significant Impact” award. The game, which you can play for free here, is described as an interactive way to learn history. Designed for students grades 5-8, the game immerses students in a historic context.

read the full experience of Shapiro here.

According also to this sourcehe project, known as Block by Block

“The game makes everything transparent,” said Pontus Westerberg, a digital projects officer at the program, UN-Habitat. “It gives the communities we work with more agency and helps everyone see what’s going on.”

G4C Festival, June 18-20, New York

The Games for Change Festival is the largest games gathering in New York City. It’s the ideal destination to:

  • Network with leading developers in games for social change
  • Learn about key global trends and opportunities
  • Discover the newest games in development
  • Play the best games for change
  • Celebrate the highest achievements and best talent of the year with the Games for Change Awards

It is the founding program of Games for Change, an organization whose mission is to catalyze social impact through digital games.



More on their work here.