BMW Guggenheim Lab

The brand-new BMW Guggenheim Lab opens with Urbanology, an interactive installation letting participants play with social changes in New York City.

BMW Guggenheim Lab is a “mobile laboratory” that will travel to 9 cities throughout the world over six years to encourage the reflection and practice of art, architecture, design, science, technology and other main contemporary issues, always adopting an urban perspective.

Among the free programme that have been launched in this first phase of the project we can highlight Urbanology, an interactive installation designed as a collective game that is developed in the very lab’s headquarters and online.

Urbanology’s aim is to approach the growth in New York and its problems derived therein, and how citizens can introduce positive changes. Visitors to the installation can take on different roles to transform the city in relation to social matters such as education, housing, healthcare as they build it.

The project is reminiscent of other literally constructive games such as SimCity, the so- calledmedia facades and the locative projects of Blast Theory, and can even be considered a serious game that seeks to spread awareness and encourage reflection from participants, or an advergame for its potential to foster the loyalty of New York and other citizens who connect via the Internet.

Local Projects are in charge of the recreational experience’s design, possessing vast experience in museum installations, and Zones Urbaines Sensibles have taken care of giving it a physical form.


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