Conspirancy for Good

Is there really a Conspiracy For Good?
There is… when you make it real.

“A few years ago, I started thinking about an entirely new way to tell a story, far different from traditional TV. I didn’t just want to talk about ‘saving the world’ in fiction, I wanted to create a narrative that spilled out into the streets. One that you could live inside of for a while. How cool would it be, I thought, to create a story that exists all around you all of the time? On your laptop, your mobile phone, on your sidewalks, as a secret message hidden in your favorite song or while standing at the bus stop on your way to work.

And, taking it further, what if your participation over a few weeks or months actually impacts the story’s development and creates positive change in the real world because a philanthropic mission is integrated into the narrative itself?

The Conspiracy For Good is the culmination of this dream. This is the pilot project for a first-of-its-kind interactive story that empowers its audience to take real-life action and create positive change in the world. Call it Social Benefit Storytelling.

To achieve this, I need you to participate. Reality and fiction have to blur. Every story needs a villain and you will meet the villain in the STORY SO FAR section on this site. And every story needs a hero. That’s where YOU come in.

As part of The Conspiracy For Good you will join a collective of thinkers, artists, musicians, and causes, creating a unified voice to fight the forces of social and environmental injustice. This is our site, where together we can follow the story and build a community that focuses on changing the world for the better, one person and one action at a time.

Welcome to the Conspiracy.”

Tim Kring


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