Nordic Larp Talks

Nordic Larp Talks is a series of short, entertaining, thought-provoking and mind-boggling lectures about projects and ideas from the Nordic tradition of live action roleplaying games.

Core Essentials

Core Essentials is a values education program, designed for grades K-5, that provides affordable, simple, and downloadable tools allowing schools to quickly incorporate values education into their curriculum.


The program provides a “value of the month” curriculum that encourages individual classrooms, the entire school, and every family to emphasize the same aspects of each value. We believe it takes an INWARD attitude to influence OUTWARD behavior. That’s what we mean by values. A value is an inward belief or attitude that affects someone’s outward behavior. The values that Core Essentials emphasizes are common attitudes that every parent and teacher wants children to learn and demonstrate.


Core Essentials® is a non-profit organization and was begun in 1998 by concerned parents and teachers who wanted to help kids by providing quality character building resources to schools. Meet our team today!

Plastic Planet 2009

Werner Boote presents an up-close and personal view of the controversial and fascinating material that has found its way into every facet of our daily lives: plastic. He takes us on a journey around the globe, showing that plastics have become a threat for both environment and human health.