Msc in Values Education in Hong Kong, China

Education and values are intrinsically linked. The significance of the fact that values permeate education in multiple ways has been ever more clearly emphasized in education and curriculum reform in Hong Kong since 1997. Values education in various forms, calls for better implementation as well as deeper reflection as we care for the well-being of individuals in their selfhood or personal growth, about moral life in both private and public spheres, and about the good of society and its citizens. Therefore, it is important for educational leaders, parents and youth developers to critically understand and creatively generate coherent practice in values education. In short, it is important for all educated persons to know how to deal with values. This requires adequate preparation through values education.The Master of Arts Programme in Values Education, being the first of its kind to be offered in Hong Kong, aims to help the values educators to pursue axiological inquiry in an educational context and explore varieties of values education. The Programme is introduced to help aspiring values educators, including school teachers, youth workers, caring practitioners, school managers, principals, curriculum planners, media workers, pastors and parents to develop values education in relevant manners in their sites. While accommodating the pedagogical needs of the participants, the Programme more importantly offers an opportunity for participants to reflect upon value issues as arising from their identity development, personal circumstances or educational settings.

– in China, in 2008, there was also a conference-> After Values: Practicing Values Education in Changing Societies, organized by the above University. One of the few references from Asia, while so far, ‘academic writing on moral education — at least in the English language — has been dominated by a Western and Northern frame of reference and has almost completely ignored the proper representation of traditions and perspectives from the East and South’. (Taylor,2009)


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