At our 8th Annual Games for Change Festival (June 20-22), former US Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore presented a keynote speech on how games could convey important messages around social issues, including the environment, which stands at the core of his public work. He boldly proclaimed that “games have truly arrived as a mass medium“, a statement that was quickly echoed in international media and the gaming community.

Now, a new partnership between his Climate Reality Project and PSFK (a go-to-source for new ideas and inspiration for creative professionals) will allow an opportunity to prove it.

Recently on their website, PSFK announced a call for content encouraging those from advertising, design, and game development to come up with creative gaming concepts that will help support the Climate Reality Project. This new challenge follows two previous collaborations between PSFK and UNICEF, in which ideas were crowd sourced for the future of health and mobile. The selected concepts will receive a substantial PR push through national and international media, in addition to a live presentation of the concepts during the New York launch of PSFK and inclusion in the upcoming “PSFK x Climate Reality Project report“.

This is a powerful opportunity for the “games for change” community to step up to the plate and participate in a highly visible project to reach new audiences.


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