Teaching Sustainable Values through Serious Gaming

Teaching Sustainable Values through Serious Gaming.

This is the first of two posts on serious gaming and corporate social responsibility. Part 2: Games that Can Change the World.

Are you a Farmville addict?  Does your son spend hours playing World of Warcraft? While you and millions of others play on-line games to have fun, an increasing number of business leaders, government officials and academicians want to tap the popularity and power of on-line and video games to create serious games that spur players to solve problems, learn and change their behavior.  They believe that serious gaming has the potential to help achieve the systemic change that society needs to reach its sustainability goals.

Speakers from Deloitte, Advanced Micro Devices and E-Line Media shared their vision for the future of serious gaming at the recent Justmeans “Social Media, Technology and Change: The Future of Stakeholder Engagement” conference in New York.

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